Common BattleFurs FAQ

    • Do you only play Battlefield?
      Nope! We play tons of games! 
    • Do you have to be a furry to participate?
      Plenty of friends of furries visit and hang out. We’re open to everyone – Furry, Bronie, Normal, Gay/Bi/Straight, etc.
    • Where are you located?
      Our Rust server is located in Atlanta, but we are from all over the country. We have members all over North America, Australia, and Europe.
    • Do you guys go to cons?
      Several of our members attend cons regularly. Check out Teamspeak or visit the website for more announcements.
    • I have a question not listed here. What can I do to get it answered?
      Post in the forums or scream admin in the in game chat until you get an answer.