Mordhau Rules

Battlefurs Mordhau Duel Server Rules

  1. Do not RDM. (Do not attack without mutual agreement to a duel.)
  2. Flourish (X + 1) to agree to duels.
  3. Do not build or use ballistas.
  4. Do not glitch though the map.
  5. Do not use cheats, aimbots, or any hacks.
  6. Do not place beartraps.
  7. Do not use firebombs or smokebombs.
  8. Do not retaliate for RDMs. This could result in you being banned if an admin sees you RDMing. (Use the votekick system or ask for an admin to join via Discord.)
  9. While ranged weapons (bows, crossbows, throwing knives, throwing axes) are allowed in duels, if your ranged weapon affects another duel / player, you may get kicked or banned.
  10. The use/spam of blatant and/or malignant racism will NOT be tolerated.