Battlefurs Giveaway Stats

So far we have given away 39 different games!

In addition to that our giveaway pool has 58 keys still outstanding to be given away. And that number is still growing!

Be sure to check the #games-n-giveaways text chan to see the latest giveaways and check for new ones. To be added to the giveaways notify ping, simply ask any admin or mod to add you.

Dozen Game Giveaway!

Over the next several weeks we will be giving away over a dozen games!

These will be super easy and fun activities for literally everyone here, so you don’t need to own a certain game to compete, and they won’t take a lot of brainpower. Lurkers, come win things and hang out with us, if you wanna!

Join Discord for details.

Giveaways begin July 24!


Conan Exiles Giveaway!

We will be giving away a Conan Exiles Steam key on Friday, July 20, 2018!

All you need to do to enter is be a member of the BattleFurs/Rawr Patrol Discord, message Brax to let him know that you’re interested, and be an active member on Discord! (Participate in chat, voice comms, game with friends, etc.)

Want to increase your chances of winning? For every 8 hours you are connected to one of the BattleFurs servers over the next week, you will get an extra “entry”, which will give you more chances to win!

Example: If you stay connected to the BattleFurs Conan Exiles server AND the BattleFurs Rust server for the entirety of the next 7 days, your chances of winning are 42 times higher than someone who is just a member of the Discord and does not play on any of the BattleFurs servers!

Already have Conan Exiles? No problem! We’re giving away a key which you can give to your friends!

Join Discord and the game servers now! Game on!


Should we do more giveaways?

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Battlefield 5

Battlefield 5 will be here Tuesday, October 16, 2018. The closed alpha has already started.

Battlefurs will have a 64 player hardcore server as soon as they become available.

Stay tuned for more info!

Map seed change vote

We’ve had the same map seed for several wipes now. Would you like a new map?

Should we change the map seed on the next wipe?

  • Yes (67%, 16 Votes)
  • No (33%, 8 Votes)

Total Voters: 24

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Due to overwhelming popularity and the FP forced update, the vote has been closed.

Vote to do a full wipe

Have had a few requests for this recently so here it is.
If votes for immediate don’t get a majority (Over 50%) they’ll be rolled into the votes for BP wipe at end of month.

Facepunch has not enforced a BP wipe in several months, this would force that event. (Though if they force a BP wipe again next month you’ll have to start over twice.)

Should we have a forced (non-Facepunch) Blueprint Wipe?

  • Yes. Immediate. (This wipes map too.) (72%, 13 Votes)
  • Yes, but only with the next map wipe. (28%, 5 Votes)
  • No unscheduled/unenforced wipes please! (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 18

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Due to overwhelming popularity and the FP forced update, the vote has been closed.

Watch Zeph stream!

Zeph streams games and rages while looking cute. Watch him!

Rust Update Day!


  1. No more need for wood when crafting sheet metal doors or sleeping bags!
  2. Paper removed, notes and building plans only require wood now!
  3. There are worldspawn water wells now.
  4. Crash on exit fixed!

Full update notes here:

New decay system

There is now a new decay system in Rust.

You now must feed your Tool Cupboard to keep your building from decaying. This upkeep system means you know exactly how long until your house begins to decay. Additionally, once it does begin to decay, it happens much faster. I tweaked the server side settings for how fast things do decay and lowered the speed by about 15-20% but it is still quite fast compared to what we’re used to with the previous decay system.

You can see more information about the new decay system below:

Decay enabled

In the past we’ve run the server without decay enabled.

Depending on how you look at it, fortunately, or unfortunately, we’ve had a lot more players online lately and have experienced an overflow of objects on the server. (We’ve hit the Unity engine cap.)

Once the wipe comes we’ll kick decay back down to where it usually sits at about 50% of normal. (We’ll be on a smaller map and that should lower the number of objects on the map even if we’re just as busy.)

Good luck!

November 16 Rust Update

The Nov 16 update is out! Trees fall, the wood harvesting minigame is live (strike the x on the tree like the shiny on ore,) and there are naturally a whole heap of fixes.

Start chopping that wood! (Also, for funsies, shoot a forest with a rocket to see what happens.)

Floating objects fixed!

Did some work today and got the floating objects/entities fixed. Everything should be sitting at ground level now.

Rust has been active!

Rust has been active recently so I’ve updated the site a bit and removed outdated stuff.
Registration is allowed again. We’ll see how that goes.

I’m aware of the floating resources issue, this is a map/engine issue that must be resolved by a patch from FacePunch.

Additionally, I’ve noticed a lot of people mention how far they have to run to find other people this wipe.

I’m considering lowering the map size a bit which would make it easier to work with others, build communities, and trade.
Remember, however, this will also make it easier for others to raid you as well.

Rust Server: Decrease map size from 5km to 4km?

  • Yes (47%, 7 Votes)
  • No (33%, 5 Votes)
  • I don't care! (20%, 3 Votes)

Total Voters: 15

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Battlefield 1 – WWI

In a move that surprised no one, DICE/EA announced today that Battlefield 1 will take place during WWI.

In the trailer I only saw 1 clip that I could say looked like real game play footage (Looked a lot like BF4: Operation Outbreak) but it did show that gas attacks will happen.

Battlefurs will have a server as soon as they are available.

Battlefield Hardline

Battlefurs now has a BF Hardline server. Get your game on!

Rust Server!

We now have a rust server!

The easiest way to search for it is via listing servers via alphabetical order. (You might need to select the empty server checkbox.)

Name: “BattleFurs Yiff Rust Server”
Address: (may be able to use the connect console command)

The Votes Are In!

It was a close vote, but looks like hardcore won out. Along with winning the vote, hardcore is also good for populating the server in the early stages of being public, due to the fact that there is only 1 other official hardcore server to choose from.

Please make sure to send us a message with any idea’s or suggestions you may have for the server, once we go ranked. is back! is back! Even better, we have a Battlefield 4 server again!
Also, Teamspeak is still up so join up and say hi!

Server Link:

Teamspeak: (default port, no password)